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Cookie packages start at $54 per dozen; this includes up to 4 shapes and 4 icing colors.  Additional shapes, colors, intricate details, custom writing, metallic work, etc. will increase the price of the cookies.  Cookies are a standard size of 3-4 inchesCustom Cookies require a one-dozen minimum order, and they must be within the same theme and flavor.

Characters and logos will have special pricing and may be subject to copyright design rules.

All cookies are individually heat sealed, to maintain freshness and softness in each cookie.

​And remember that these are not your average cookies.  These cookies are little works of art that require varying levels of work, creativity, art, and time!


Macaron packages start at $30 per dozen for a standard flavor.  Specialty flavors, multi-colors, metallic work, etc. will increase the price of the macarons.

​Custom macarons require a one-dozen minimum order, this includes one flavor per dozen and 2 colors per dozen

Individual packaging is available for an additional .25 cents per macaron. 


​Custom cakes require a minimum of $50 base price.  This included standard flavors and designs.  Price will increase based on the final design choices provided in the quotes.


ALL orders require a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the pick up date.

Quotes must be paid in full within 48 hours of receipt in order to secure pick up date on the calendar. Please feel free to contact me to see if there may be custom availability on shorter notice, orders with less than 2 weeks’ notice may be subject to a 25% rush fee.  

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